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Use of the Assessments for the Remainder of 2020

Prevent frustrating, costly hiring mistakes. Have all potential new hires complete the assessments. We interpret the results and let you know who you should interview and who to pass on. Save massive time and money.

Priceless / Included

Team Building / Team Evaluation

One hour zoom call to review your team’s communication style, what motivates or energizes them, how to best lead them and a list of their top talents. Elevate the performance of your team.

$4,000 Value

Ultimate Hiring & Retention Masterclass

Learn everything you need to know about creating the most compelling ads, interviewing, onboarding and retaining high performers. Weekly, live, interactive video with Q & A.

$3,000 Value

Ultimate Sales Training Program

How to Sell Faster, Easier & Close More by Pushing the Buy Button in the Brain. Learn best practices on a weekly, live, interactive call.

$3,000 Value

Investment – Only $997 for over $10,000 of value!

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