Hiring Sales Talent is No Longer a Problem for These Companies!

We make a lot of claims about the effectiveness of our programs for hiring sales talent, and make no mistake- they’re all true. But we believe that you’ll be the most convinced when you read the following reviews, and watch the following video testimonials.

Actual Client Results & Testimonials

Testimonial Reel

Marti Hampton

Danny Burks

You’ve enabled me to seek out a high level of talent and very quickly assess whether this person would be someone that would meet with my core values, someone that we would want to speak with or not. So it’s totally been a game changer for me. So I strongly suggest anyone else that wants to seek talent, build their team and their organization should definitely bring John as a partner on board.

Tom Daves (Roseville, CA)

We’ve been working with the Talent Genius, John Pyke, for the last two years now. Two years ago, our team sold a total of 170 homes. This year we’re on pace to sell over 400 homes, thereby catapulting us to the prestigiousWall Street Journal top 250 real estate team’s in the country! By helping us hire exceptional people, the Talent Genius has opened up a whole new world for us and greatly accelerated the speed of our company’s growth!

Tami Holmes (Dayton, OH)