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For those of you who are unfamiliar with this specific assessment, Pyke gives a specific example and reviews the results of a successful candidate who had previously taken this exact test throughout her hiring process.

 This assessment is a step in the hiring process, however, it’s not what finalizes the decision of the potential hire.

It’s a quick assessment to give yourself a better understanding of who you are, what environment you thrive in, the kind of culture that is best for your progress, growth, and most importantly, it gives you results on both personal and professional aspects of your life – and helps you make the best, most proactive decision for your future, your life, your happiness and most importantly, it gives you an outside perspective of who you are that we often can’t see within ourselves.


The Future of the Sales Profession

A few months back, I had the opportunity and distinct privilege of co-presenting at a CRM Conference in our Nationals Capital.

The author of the following book, “The Future of the Sales Profession” by Graham Hawkins shares some interesting takeaways that are appropriate in terms of hiring, sales, and how what’s currently happening can directly impact you,  your business and potential growth and success.

(Pg. 6) 

“Over the past eighteen years, the number of sales people in the US per million dollars of GDP has halved, and forrester Research predicts that over twenty per cent of all B2B sales people will be displaced by self-serve eCommerce by 2020.”

“Why? Simply, buyers are highly educated with more access to information than ever before, which means they no longer needs sales people like they once did. Technology is facilitating automation and self-serve transactions, meaning that the sales process can by pass the sales person entirely. And cost optimization by vendors to address shrinking margins means that there is less money available than ever before.

The end result is that fewer sales people are needed to keep the B2B  sales machine running.

Which means the future is look bleak.” 

As a business owner this is the one of the most pivotal times you should be building your world class team, you need to be in the position to leverage this incredible trend because the deck is stacked in your favor.

With all of that being said, one of the most critical with more candidates comes more uncertainty as to which one may be the best for you and your business.

How to Eliminate “No Shows” for Interview

When we take a look back at the interview, the person who is hiring usually follows up with the simple question “Are there any questions you have for me”

Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with ending the interview with passing over the discussion to the candidate to they can verbalize and express their concerns, questions, and any other comments they may possibly have for you.

However, if your communication and interview process is the same if not, similar to everyone else’s – you are not distancing yourself and you’re not creating any kind of competitive framework to  elevate your chances to hire the best talent for your business.

(1 min) Example of the exact email to stand out from your competitors.

The Interview: Are You Interrogating or Differentiating?

If you’re a business owner and or an entrepreneur you probably haven’t been interviewed in a while, however I would like you to reflect back on the times that you were in that position.

The vast majority of the time, because the person who is conducting the interview has such a low level of confidence, they will hire a consistent top performer and because of their track record,

They interrogate and question the candidate until there is about five minutes remaining within the interview to ask the candidate “do you have any questions?”

The takeaway of this educational video is that there are a tremendous war on talent today. No matter where you go or where you’re reading there is a lot of discussion in terms of getting the best talent for your business, your team, and your culture.

You have to ask yourself,

Is your process the same?

Is your communication the same?

If you’re interviews follow the same structure,

you are no different than your competition.

It’s now more than ever you really need to differentiate yourself away from everyone and anything else that will allow you to find the right fit hires consistently and proactively.

It all comes down to changing your perspective in terms of the interview. Rather than you leading the one-on-one interview, allow them to ask as many questions, express any comments or concerns throughout the process to allow you to get a better understanding of whom they are, and what they offer.

By putting your potential candidate in the driver seat, you are now gaining more value by paying attention to the quality of questions they choose to ask you and how that reflects your business, their mindset and how that change of role within the hiring process can flush out everyone who may not be the best fit, to paying full mind to the ones that are.

Webinar: Learn How Jeff Cook Grew From 326 Sides to Over 1100 in Four Years

Watch the 30 minute replay of the live webinar featuring Jeff Cook, CEO/Broker of Jeff Cook Real Estate. John Pyke, The Talent Genius, interviews Jeff – hear the hiring best practices Jeff uses that resulted in growing from 326 ends — four years ago– to a projected 1100-1200 this year.

What you’ll learn on this live webinar:
-Why hiring fast is critical to increasing the quality of your hires
-How to build a recognizable, powerful brand
-Why having a consistent hiring process or system is essential
-Where and how to find the best talent in your community
-How to use a proven science to identify & recruit the best talent

You, too, can access and learn about the hiring processes/systems Jeff Cook & over 50 of the WSJ Real Trends Top 250 use by getting the #1 International Best-Selling Book – The Talent Genius: How The Top 1% of Realtors Build World-Class Teams for FREE —

Here are some highlights from the webinar:
4:04 How to deal with the fear of aggressively hiring
5:00 Why hiring only to replace is so limiting & hard on your business. Jeff reveals the importance of culture, onboarding, continuing to hire to stay ahead, confidence in the system and consistency in recruiting.
9:01 Jeff explains the impact of a longer onboarding process when tripling his team’s size.
13:27 Jeff talks about the advantages/disadvantages of using Profiles when determining cultural fits and the drive/motivation of a person.
18:24 Why it’s important to have a constant hiring effort & having talent coming behind your current talent.
24:23 Building brand recognition by recruiting.
25:38 Jeff explains how he finds talent by email drip campaigns, radio, billboards, and other advertisement methods.

I would like to thank Jeff Cook for being my guest and sharing his insights on how he has moved from 326 ends — four years ago– and is on track to achieve 1100-1200 this year.

I also want to thank our friends at Vyral Marketing for helping us put on the event. If you’re looking for help with your database marketing, check them out at

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