The Proven Sales Hiring System to Hire & Onboard Your Next Salesperson

John Pyke of The Talent Genius Explains the Process of How We Hire Top Performers

We measure over 100 Attributes, starting with: Persistence, Confidence, Self-Discipline, Initiative, Work Ethic, and More.

As America’s leading authority on hiring salespeople and finding talent, I use a program that is based on time-tested, scientifically validated methods that will find you the talent you need to succeed. My hires are proven to have increased sales at multiple firms, and my system takes the guesswork out of the hiring process. I am not just filling voids in your rosters, I am hiring sales super stars.

Besides being an international award winning hiring professional, I am also an author and professional speaker. Using my unique hiring process I have helped companies achieve record-setting sales revenues. My system works, and it has been proven to do so. Consider me your go-to resource for hiring professionals that will help your company succeed.

John Pyke Sales Hiring Expert Speaking
John Pyke Sales Hiring Specialist
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90% of what you need to know about your hire is below the surface- the things you don’t see.