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Reduce costly turnover, shorten hiring time, and get a consistent, high performing superstar for your next hire when we use our proven, scientifically validated methods to recruit, hire, and onboard your next salesperson or administrative hire for you.

Learn About Our Time-Tested, Scientifically Proven Hiring System!

John Pyke, Author of “Hire Fast, Fire Fast” Has Cracked the Code for Hiring!

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It’s Time to Build a Team That Sells in a Way You’ve Never Experienced Before!

  • What if you could predict who were going to be your rock star sales professionals before hiring them?
  • Would you like to save tons of time, money, and frustration dealing with sales team turnover?
  • What if you could streamline the hiring process and hire the cream of the crop only, the top 1% of sales talent, without scanning hundreds of resumes?
  • Would you like to avoid hiring the losers, liars and limited-potential sales reps?

The Talent Genius is a unique and effective hiring solution that helps sales organizations effectively assess and hire high-performing sales professionals. Our proprietary sales recruitment & hiring system helps you:

  • Reduce turnover
  • Streamline your hiring process
  • Hire sales talent
  • Utilize a customized, scientifically-validated, psychometric assessment system
  • Accurately predict sales superstars and duds BEFORE you hire them
  • Eliminate costly hiring mistakes
  • Consistently assess and hire top performers
  • Improve to a hiring accuracy of 80-90%

Warning: A college degree, prior experience, a flashy resume, a charming personality and the ability to interview well, are NOT predictors of sales success.

I took what I learned as a high-performance selling superstar to create a system that will help you duplicate my results. Hire sales pros who have what it takes to achieve results such as mine:

  • Set sales performance records at every company I worked for
  • Tripled sales goals in first year at five different companies
  • Cracked the code to help companies achieve sales growth seven times their industry standard
  • Grew sales to over $1,000,000,000 – that’s billion with 9 zeroes!
Clients Include: