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About Me


Some people call John Pyke “The Talent Genius.” Others call him “Mr. X-ray” or “The Human Capital Expert.” John’s career is the stuff of organizational and sales legend. His accomplishments and the results he consistently delivers for his clients are frequently the topic of investors, entrepreneurs, and executives. 


For over two decades, John’s systems, time-tested, scientifically proven processes and live, online and offline events, have empowered entrepreneurs and organizations to profitably scale their companies fast! His proven, unmatched track record of success has secured him clients like: Berkshire Hathaway, Coldwell Banker, Prudential, St. Jude Medical, TD Bank, Tanger Outlets, Unifi, United Water and Veolia to name a few.


John has shared the stage with celebrities, professional athletes and some of the biggest names in the training and development industry. His work has been featured on national television. In addition to being a #1 International best-selling author, he is an Executive Producer and appeared in a movie with other subject matter experts. In his first year at five different companies, John’s average sales performance was 3X his quota. John has helped hire, assess, and train over 1,000,000 people and is an expert in the art and science of hiring, retention, training existing employees and sales. 

John’s real gift for everyone, including you, if you are looking to scale your company fast and grow top line sales revenues is his “Hire One Time System,” “The Ultimate Strength Plan: How to Enhance Your Existing Staff” and “How to Push the Buy Button in the Brain: Sell, Faster, Easier and Close More.”

Today more than ever, entrepreneurs and executives not only want to eliminate risks or move risk as far away from them as possible, they also appropriately demand the highest possible results. Simply put, knowing is always better than guessing! Since talk is cheap and nothing is truly real until it is experienced firsthand, John invites you to test drive the power of his solutions personally so you too are equipped to achieve transformational results.

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“The “best companies” with great HR saw their stock price rise an average of 109 percent, while the S&P 500s rose only 10 percent over the last 10 years. That means that the stock price growth of firms with great HR departments was nearly 10 times higher!”


- Boston Consulting Group

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What Our Clients Say

 “Thank you John! You have attracted hundreds of applicants and narrowed down the list to the best fit for our team. Your proven hiring process has saved us tons of time, money and frustration. You accurately predict who will be a mediocre performer and who will be a superstar! We no longer interview the wrong people or make costly hiring mistakes. We wish we would have found you years ago. You have been an amazing addition to our team!” 

- Lisa Burridge

Associate Broker, ABR, CRS


In 3 Steps 2 Scale Fast, you'll uncover:


  • How to scientifically assess, sift, sort, & separate top talent in a pool of candidates 

  • The TRUTH about what it takes to differentiate your brand & become the only logical choice

  • The Hire1Time system that has been proven to increase retention & productivity by 82% & 70% respectively. 

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