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Training Resources

Hire Fast, Fire Fast:
How Scientific Breakthroughs Eliminate Costly Hiring Mistakes

How Josh Roy Increased Sales by over $15M & Is on Pace to Rank in the Top 100 of the WSJ

How To Hire Top Sales People Who Are Subconsciously Wired For Success

For Top Producers and Top Assistants:
How to Bridge the Communication Gap with Jolene McDonough

Corcoran Group Keynote -
How to Scale Your Real Estate Brokerage

The Magic of Having the Right ISAs

Are you Recruiting in the Millennial Age or the Stone Age?

How to Interview Recruits More Effectively - Elite Real Estate Systems

Broker Team Meeting - The DISC Myth with Team Lally Real Estate Hawaii

How To Convert Relationships into Revenue with LinkedIn Diva Rhonda Sher

Hire Fast, Fire Fast: Real Estate News Radio Show: Being and Finding Talent with Rowena Patton

How I Built a Six Figure Consulting Business From Scratch

The Sales Podcast: - Hire Sales Studs Not Duds With the Sales Whisperer Wes Schaeffer

Wholesaling Inc.: How to Hire the Right Team with Brent Daniels

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